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    The SKATE TREADMILL track, weighing more than three tons, will allow cross country skiers, biathletes and Nordic-combined skiers not only to determine the level of special functional readiness, but also to effectively carry out work in certain aspects of technical training.

    The President of the ROC Stanislav Pozdnyakov, the President of the Cross Country Skiing Federation of Russia Elena Vyalbe, the President of the Russian Biathlon Union Victor Maigurov, the President of the Russian Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined Federation Dmitry Dubrovsky, gold medalist at the 1980 Olympics in the biathlon relay event Vladimir Barnashov took part in the demonstration of the Skate Treadmill’s capabilities. The first to test the new product, and at the same time to demonstrate its key capabilities, was the member of the youth national team in cross country skiing Sergei Volkov.

    Наталья Пахаленко

    The excursion for guests and journalists was led by the honored coach of the USSR and Russia in cross country skiing, Director General of the ROC Innovation Center Alexander Grushin. According to him, for more efficient use, the simulator is equipped with a large number of various additional devices such as sensors for registering biochemical, power and other indicators, cinema and photographic equipment, and monitors, making it essentially unique not only in Russia, but also in the world. A whole team of specialists is engaged in the maintenance of the Skate Treadmill and the analysis of the data obtained.

    “The Skate Threadmill that we now have at the Russian Olympic Committee is unique,” said Alexander Grushin. “It has 3D equipment that allows you to see your own projection against the background of the ‘ideal opponent’ and its reference parameters. In addition, this simulator, together with the equipment for creating an artificial hypoxic environment, will simulate the conditions that our athletes can expect at upcoming international competitions. Thus, we will be able not only to determine the physical performance of an athlete, but also to reveal his predisposition to performances in conditions of lack of oxygen. It will be a unique experience.”

    Initially, the Russian Olympic Committee thought about acquiring the Skate Treadmill before the coronavirus pandemic. Consultations were held with ski specialists, athletes and coaches alike. Based on a common expert opinion, it was decided to go forward with this expensive project.

    Наталья Пахаленко

    “The Russian Olympic Committee unites the national sports federations, including the ski federations,” stressed Stanislav Pozdnyakov. “We consulted with Elena Vyalbe, Victor Maigurov and Dmitry Dubrovsky, and received a straightforward answer that this equipment is needed. Then we started to implement our plan. We made the right choice and carried out the necessary renovations inside the building so that the treadmill could be placed in a separate room.

    If the project is in demand, we will move on: we are already considering the venue at the federal base in Sochi, where together with colleagues from the Ministry of Sport, we plan to revive the apparatus that has been there since 2014. We will carry out maintenance and diagnostics so that representatives of the ski disciplines during the training camp in this region can use this treadmill for their needs,” added the head of the ROC.

    During the event, it was announced that in the near future there would be plans to open a branch of the ROC Innovation Center at the “Yug Sport” Complex. According to Alexander Grushin, very soon specialists will begin work on the installation and launch of the aforementioned treadmill located in Sochi. It will be convenient for testing cross country skiers, biathletes and Nordic-combined skiers who regularly train, for example, on the Khmelevskie Lakes, in the Laura Ski and Biathlon Center and the RusSki Gorki Jumping Center.

    Наталья Пахаленко

    Elena Vyalbe:

    “I would like to thank the Russian Olympic Committee and Stanislav Pozdnyakov personally for implementing this project. We, the leaders of the ski federations, are very lucky that the ROC Innovation Center is headed by Alexander Grushin, who is well acquainted with the specifics of our sports. Thanks to him, the quality of training for cross country skiers, Nordic-combined skiers and biathletes has significantly improved.

    Now athletes have the opportunity to assess the functional state and work out the technique in a safe and comfortable environment, and not on the road, following a car with a mirror attached to it. In addition, information about their physical condition will no longer be stored abroad. I’m sure the treadmill will be in great demand.”

    Victor Maigurov:

    “Thanks to the systematic work of the ROC, the training of athletes has become even more advanced. Over the past few years, we have been regularly testing biathletes of regional teams and national teams at the Innovation Center, and this has given us tangible results.

    The launch of the first ever Skate Treadmill in Russia opens up new opportunities for us. For example, we can now form a database of the best athletes. This will allow us to observe how juniors perform in relation to leaders, and then give them recommendations on how to improve their technique.”

    Наталья Пахаленко

    Dmitry Dubrovsky:

    “First of all, I would like to express gratitude that we have such modern equipment at our disposal. Previously, one had to work on a Skate Treadmill in Ramsau, Austria, but now the preparation process will become much more convenient.

    In addition to the Olympic season, the 2023 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships and the European Winter Youth Olympic Festival, scheduled to be held in Friuli-Venezia Giulia (Italy), lie ahead. I am sure that the Skate Treadmill will enhance our results in the near future.”

    It should be mentioned that this simulator will definitely not be idle in summer. It will benefit not only the representatives of ski sports, but also cyclists, skaters, short track skaters and even Paralympic wheelchair users.


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