The judges played table tennis at the tournament in memory of Boris Yun

The V open judges table tennis tournament in memory of the international judge Boris Yun was held in Moscow. The competition, which received international status in 2017, was attended by 79 judges from Russia, Ukraine and European countries, including Boris Yun’s colleagues, who worked with him for many years.

The competition was organized by the Judging Committee of the Table Tennis Federation of Russia with the support of the Russian Olympic Committee and B. Yun’s family. They competed in two age and gender categories. Awards to the best judges-tennis players were presented by the Honored artist of Russia, Boris Yun’s niece, Anita Tsoy.

The tournament was held in warm and friendly atmosphere. Thus, the participants paid tribute to the memory of Boris Yun, a man with a big heart and a true professional who was totally devoted to his beloved work.

Boris Yun’s family expressed gratitude to all the participants, as well as table tennis Federation of Russia and the Russian Olympic Committee for the organization of the tournament.