The ROC hosted a meeting of the ROC Athletes’ Commission

On Thursday, December 18, the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) hosted a meeting of the ROC Athletes’ Commission, chaired by Olga Brusnikina. The meeting  was also attended by Elena Zamolodchikova, Aleksadnr Zubkov, Albert Demchenko and Gleb Galperin.

According to the Executive Secretary of the Commission, a leading specialist of the department for the participation in the Olympic Games Fyodor Durnev, the participants reviewed the Regulation on the Athletes’ Commission and approved the work plan for 2015. They have also considered proposals from a Non-profit Charitable Organization “Russian Olympians Foundation” on the implementation of the programs in accordance with the decision of the Presidium of the Board of Trustees.

At the meeting a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Alexander Popov and a member of the European Olympic Committee (EOC) Tatyana Lebedeva read out their reports on the recent IOC Session held in Monte Carlo and the EOC General Assembly held in Bangkok. 

Also, members of the Commission discussed the organization of mass sports activities in the subjects of the Russian Federation in cooperation with the legislative bodies of state power and bodies of executive power in the coming year.