Vladimir Sengleev: “The main purpose of the Olympic movement is in the unity of professionals and amateurs”

The Director General of the Russian Olympic Committee explained why the TAFISA World Games should be held in Russia.

–As I see it, the Olympic legacy, first and foremost, stands for people who have changed their way of life under the influence of the Olympic Games, – noted Vladimir Sengleev. – What was the main success of the Games in Sochi? The fact that after the Games ended many Russians began to go in for sports more often and take better care of their health. Consequently, there is the need for international events that promote mass sports and theTAFISA WorldGames are just what we need.

I am sure that if Nizhny Novgorod wins the bidding process and becomes the capital of the TAFISA World Games 2024, Olympic champions of different generations will come to the opening ceremony to this wonderful city and will applaud the amateur sports representatives from 100 countries who will pass through football stadium number one of Nizhny Novgorod Oblast.

The main purpose of the Olympic movement and the Olympic family is in the unity of professionals and amateurs.