Working meeting of the ROC and the IOC leaders

The Russian Olympic Committee hosted a meeting of the ROC leaders with the delegation of the International Olympic Committee.

On the Russian side, the event was attended by the ROC President Alexander Zhukov, first Vice-President Stanislav Pozdnyakov, Aide to the President of the Russian Federation, Vice-President of the ROC Igor Levitin.

The participants of the meeting discussed a wide range of issues, including priority areas of further cooperation after the membership of the Russian Olympic Committee in the IOC was fully restored.

Pere Miro, Deputy Director General of the IOC:

– The ROC is one of the largest and most important national Olympic committees in the world. In recent years, it has held a large number of events and carried out a number of important projects aimed at the development of sports and Olympism in Russia. During the meeting, we were confirmed that the ROC is ready to take active part in promoting educational anti-doping programs in Russia, which will primarily be designed for young athletes, their coaches and service personnel, and for national federations. There is no doubt that the ROC is aimed at showing the world how seriously Russia takes this problem. And, of course, in this important matter, your country can count on the assistance and support of the entire Olympic community. In addition, the ROC expressed its readiness to assist other Knockouts in the framework of the Olympic solidarity programs in those areas in which it has the greatest experience.

Stanislav Pozdnyakov:

– Interaction with the IOC in the field of anti-doping education was one of the main topics at the meeting. For our part, we spoke in detail about the idea of the Russian Olympic Committee to hold in cooperation with foreign experts, RUSADA and Moskomsport, a major Anti-doping forum for young people on June 1 (Children’s Day). In the framework of this forum, among other things, we plan to deliver an educational program for potential participants in the upcoming 2018 Summer Youth Olympic Games  in Buenos Aires. The project was supported by the IOC at the highest level.