Alexander Mikhailov re-elected President of the Russian Fencing Federation

On January 26, in the ROC a report-election conference of the Russian Fencing Federation. Alexander Mikhailov was re-elected Head of the organization unanimously. Ilgar Mamedov, Head coach of the national team, became one of three Vice-Presidents. The post of the First Vice-President of the Russian Fencing Federation,  which was held by Stanislav Pozdnyakov, was abolished.

At the report-election conference of the  Russian Fencing Federation the work of the Executive Committee Buro was acknowledged to be satisfactory.

At the Rio Olympics Russian fencers won 7 medals – four gold, one silver and two bronze. Sabre fencer Yana Yegoryan and foil fencer Inna Deriglazova, as well as sabre fencing  and foil fencing teams performed  triumphantly  at the Olympic Games. Sofya Valikaya (Sabre) won silver, Timur Safin (Foil) and women’s Epee team won bronze medals. Within  four years  at the World Championships our team has won 28 medals, including 12 gold.

According to Alexander Mikhailov, our  main objective in the new Olympic cycle is to ‘maintain Russia’s leadership in world Fencing’.

‘Election results mean that the regions are satisfied with my work  for the good of Russian Fencing. I will try to continue to perform my duties  diligently. At the Rio Olympic Games fencers showed perfect results. Now the most important thing is not to slow down and retain positions  gained earlier’, said   Russian Fencing Federation President to the journalists.

According to  Alexander Mikhailov, the position of First Vice-President of the Russian Fencing Federation, was abolished because Stanislav Pozdnyakov has moved to another job, to the ROC.

‘Now the work that Stanislav Pozdnyakov  has been doing,  will be split between Executive Secretary and me. I want to wish my colleague every success in his new position of First Vice-President of the ROC. I am sure that his gained experience will help  Stanislav Pozdnyakov successfully  solve problems at the ROC.’ 

The coaching staff of the Russian team has undergone one change. Italian specialist Stefano Cherioni, under the supervision of whom Russian foil fencers won two gold and one bronze medals in Rio, has left his position. His successor has not yet been  appointed, but  it is already known that  his position will be taken by a Russian specialist.

‘Coaching staff reshuffles are not expected,’ said President of the  Russian Fencing Federation.