Ilgar Mamedov: “We should come out and fight”

The World Fencing Championships gets underway on July 19, in China. The Russian team arrived in the city of Wuxi in advance to  adapt  to the climatic conditions and time zone of China.

– We arrived in Wuxi a week before the start to get used to the time difference, said  the head coach of our team Ilgar Mamedov. – We were provided with a gorgeous gym next to the hotel. But it’s very hot outside. At eight in the morning it’s already +30 C. But the competition, of course, will be held in a room with air conditioning.

In comparison with the European Championship, which was held in mid-June in Novi Sad, Serbia, the team composition has not changed. As reported by Mamedov,  only one rearrangement is expected: in the epee team tournament Violeta Khrapina will perform instead of Tatyana Andryushina. At the European Championships Khrapina, this year’s bronze medalist of the Championship of Russia   in the individual competition, was in reserve.

In Novi Sad, the Russians  won the team standings very convincingly, with 11 medals, including 6 gold. Thus, they won exactly in half of   the competitive disciplines.

At the 2017 World Championships in Leipzig, Russia with six awards (3+0+3) finished slightly behind Italy (4+1+4).

As stated by Mamedov, the team has no medal targets. “Everybody wants to win. We should come out and fight. And we will get the medals”.