Our climbers won bronze

2018 Climbing Word Championships, held in Innsbruck, ended on September 16. In Speed Climbing, Russia’s profile discipline, our team won two medals.

Maria Krasavina did not even have to make an effort to win Bronze on the 15 meter track, since her opponent, Alexandra Kaluchki, made a false start. Thus the 2011 world champion mounted the podium for the second time in her career.

Another representative of the Tyumen Region Stanislav Kokorin became prize-winner of the World Championships for the fourth time already. In the fight for the third place he was stronger than none other but the five-time world champion Chisin Yong. Therewith the Russian athlete gained revenge for the semifinals of 2011.

Tking into account the World championships, European Championships, World Cup stages and the World Games, Stanislav Kokorin has a total of 31 medals inhis collection of the planet’s most prestigious Climbing competitions. Two most important starts are yet to come. Both of them will take place in Japan. These are the 2019 World Championships in Hachioji and the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

– I could feel strong support before each start. In Innsbruck the Russian team was the most friendly and loud. May be in was due to the fact that we all libed together, there was no separation by disciplines, said the bronze medalist of the 2018 World Championships. – I am gratefull to the people who helped me, particularly to the psychologist Kostya Bocharov. The sports training center of the Tyumen Region gives us great support at all competitions. And during the preparaion for the World Championships they even supported my experiments. And of course, I want to thank the Russian Climbing Federation!

Another medal was added to the Russia’s medal haul by Maxim Mayorov from Ufa. He became third at the Paraclimbing World Championships.

It is to be recalled that Climbing is included into the 2020 Olympic Games program. Also the Under 18 Climbing tournament will be held October 7-10, 2018 in the framework of the 3rd Summer Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires.