Two-time Olympic champion Maxim Trankov became the coach of the pair Tarasova/Morozov

The Figure Skating Federation approved the season’s plans for the couples Yevgenia Tarasova/ Vladimir Morozov and Natalya Zabiako/Alexandr Enbert. Now Maxim Trankov will work with the two-time European champions. Nina Mozer will remain head coach of the group and will support both couples.

– I will be near, deal with organizational issues and help them with advice, – said Mozer in her to the journalists. – Robin Sholkovy will continue working with Tarasova and Morozov. In addition, we will invite top specialists in different fields on a temporary basis.

As for the couple Zabiyako/Enbert it will continue working with Vladislav Jovnirsky. In some moment I will join the work. At the end of July – beginning of August I will be with them, and in the last half of August I will be with Tarasova and Morozov. I will perform advisory and development functions, as head coach, who in essence, created a monopoly. I have a lot of promising guys in my group. But there are two major pairs. They occupy second and third places in the world ratings, after Alyona Savchenko and Bruno Massot, who, however, have completed their sports careers. Although, I do not know, whether it’s for one year or forever.

– I take on the daily functions, that were performed by Nina Mikhilovna, said in turn Maxin Trankov. These are loads distribution, choreography, general physical training. Also the second mark (for the components) is for me. Sholkovy, as becore, will answer for the technic. He has been working with the couple for four seasons; he knows them well and knows how to tune them up. We will continue our cooperation with the choreographer Peter Tchernyshev, but I will control the choice of music and images, as well as choreographer, who will iron out our programs. Literally, yesterday we were choosing music together with Peter Tchernyshev. It is more or less clear about the free program. Yevgenia and Vladimir will appear in the new images, different from those, we are used to.

– How do you see the pair’s evolution?

– Improving the components. It is the strongest side of their couple.also they need to learn to be the champions. Perhaps, I can help them psychologically, to feel that they are the first pair in Russia, that has lacked just a few points at the Olympics. They are two-time champions of Europe and two-time prize winners of the world championships. However, people keep talking about them as of the starting young pair. While I want the world to understand that this couple is worth winning in China.

– Nina Mikhailovna, when did you decide that you can involve Maxim Trankov into coaching?

– When in October I pre-announced that by the end of the season I will end my active career, many took it as a joke. But I said to the figure skaters: ‘Guys, I am not joking. We have to think, how to work further.’ And they started thinking. We discussed a few candidates; they advise with many people, thus this was not an immediate decision, it was rather a well-considered one.

– It is important that it was the couple’s own wish to work with me, noted Trankov. They asked for my consent after the Olympic Games. I did not answer immediately; I sent them to Nina Mikhailovna. She said that she was fine with it.

– Is it all clear with the first starts?

– It is not yet clear with the Challengers, as well as with the Grand Prix, said Trankov.

– Tarasova/ Morozov will have the right to choose, since they are number one, noted Mozer.

– We would love to take part in the Moscow stage; the guys love to perform in Russia, added Trankov. And before that we would like to go to Skate America, to begin preparing for the main starts.