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    The Secretary General of the Boxing Federation of Russia has summed up the results of the Women’s National Championship, which determined the list of candidates for the national team to participate in the European Championship in May.

    – First of all, I really liked the organization of competitions in Ulan-Ude, said Umar Kremlev. – The organizing Committee has done a great job. As a result the stands were packed at the final battles. In addition, participants did not file a single complaint against the judging, which is uncommon in our sport. This happen because  the arbitrators were carefully selected. Now we can say with confidence that the decision to hold the championship of Russia in the capital of Buryatia was right. We will hold the following major competitions in the regions, as this is the right way to develop and promote Boxing in the country.

    – Is the nomination of Ulan-Ude as candidate for the 2021 Women’s World Championship, a prize for excellent organization of the Championship of Russia?

    – Certainly. But other factors were also taken into account. For example, the popularity of Boxing in Buryatia. It is also important that the government of the Republic is ready to make every effort to organize the World Championship at the highest level. I have no doubt that, if Ulan-Ude’s application wins, the tournament will be held at crowded stands and will be a holiday for residents and guests of Buryatia.

    – Let’s move on to the sports results. The Moscow region team won in the overall standings, with five gold and three bronze medals. Is this victory natural?

    – I think, yes. This region prepares very responsibly for all tournaments, pays attention to every detail. As a result, the organizational issues that arise on the ground are quickly resolved. We want to make this practice a mandatory norm for all regional federations.

    – Was it the home ground that helped team Buryatia win two gold and two silver medals and move to the second place in the overall standings?

    – Not only that. They have a very strong and promising women’s team. However, as well as the man’s. Tamir Galanov, Georgy Kushitashvili are the first numbers of the Russian national team, and Bator Sagalaev in 2015 became the winner of the European Games in Baku.

    – Who is the most important finding of the 2018 Women’s Championship of Russia?

    – Among the girls there were no such upstarters, as a 19-year-old Albert Batyrgaziev, who sensationally won last year’s national championship. Although there are enough talented young girls, and it is encouraging. Nevertheless, I would single out a skilled athlete, the bronze prize-winner of the Rio-de-Janeiro Games Anastasia Belyakova (60 kg). In Ulan-Ude, she not only secured the title of the country’s champion, but also showed a spectacular, technical Boxing. Many people probably do not remember that one and a half years ago in the semifinals of the Olympic tournament Nastya received a severe injury of the elbow. Then there was a risk of ending career before time, but she overcame all difficulties and again became the leader of the Russian national team. Of course, we pin great hopes on Nastya at the upcoming European championship, which will be held from 10 to 19 May in the city of Wladyslawowo, Poland.

    – The 10 winners of the championship of Russia, have they guaranteed themselves participation in these competitions?

    – No. The team will be determined at the final training camp after sparrings of the first and second numbers.

    Champions of the country in Ulan-Ude were Ekaterina Paltseva (Moscow region / Mordovia, weight category up to 48 kg), Svetlana Soluyanova (Moscow / Ulyanovsk region, 51 kg), Victoria Kuleshova (Moscow region, 54 kg), Daria Abramova (Tula region / Ryazan region, 57 kg), Anastasia Belyakova (Moscow region / Chelyabinsk region, 60 kg), Ekaterina Dynnik (Kemerovo region, 64 kg), Yaroslava Yakushina (Moscow region / Dagestan, 69 kg), Darima Sandakova (Moscow region / Buryatia, 75 kg), Maria Urakova (Chukotka Autonomous Region, 81 kg) and Kristina Tkacheva (Buryatia, +81 kg).


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