Official statement of ROC

Today, the IOC Executive Committee has decided that until the end of the games in Pyeongchang, the status of the team Olympic Athletes from Russia remains neutral, the suspension of the Russian Olympic Committee remains, our team will participate in the closing ceremony under the Olympic flag.

The decision such, due to two episodes of anti-doping rules violations by our athletes during the Games.

Along with this, a special IOC group, headed by Nicole Hoevertsz, created to determine the rules for the participation of Olympic Athletes form Russia in the 2018 Games and evaluate their implementation in Pyeongchang, presented its report, in which they stated that all conditions were fulfilled by the OAR athletes and delegation, and doping cases cannot be attributed to systematic violations.

Based on this, the IOC Executive Committee voted to remove the temporary disqualification from the Russian Olympic Committee automatically after verification of all doping samples taken during the Olympic Games in case of absence of positive samples, of course. The  verification process will take up to 72 hours according to the regulations.

We hope and really expect that over the next several days the ROC’s membership in the IOC will be fully restored.

The status of our country and the interests of our athletes are an absolute priority for us.  In the light of the current situation, we believe that the restoration of the rights of ROC  and all Russian athletes will be the main result of the Olympic games that will come to the end today.