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    On September 19 in Moscow, a scheduled meeting of the Executive Committee of the ROC was held during which the results of the performance of the Russian Olympic Team at the 2nd European Games in Minsk (Belarus) and the 15th European Youth Olympic Summer Festival in Baku (Azerbaijan) were summarized.

    Andrei Konokotin, Director of Sports and Head of the Main Directorate for Ensuring Participation in Olympic sports events, gave a speech reporting on the Olympic team’s results.

    – In Minsk, the Russian Olympic team confidently took first place in the unofficial team standings, winning 109 awards (44+23+42), – he stated. – The delegation, consisting of 219 athletes also included track-and-field athletes. In honor of the victory of Elena Sokolova, who won the long jump, the Russian anthem sounded and the Russian flag was raised.

    The champions and medalists of the events were daily honored at the House of Fans of Team Russia in the center of Minsk. Over 10 days it was visited by more than 45 thousand sports fans, as well as by the leaders of various NOCs, including EOC President Janez Kocijančič.

    The members of the Executive Committee acknowledged the successful performance of the Russian Olympic Team at the 2nd European Games and at the 15th European Youth Olympic Festival in Baku.

    Andrei Konokotin also spoke about the readiness of Team Russia for the 1st World Beach Games in Doha (Qatar) scheduled to be held from October 12–16.

    – It is expected that 1,200 athletes from more than 90 countries will participate in the Games, competing for 36 sets of awards in 13 sports. Until mid-June, the city of San Diego was planned as the venue for the Games, but due to financial problems the Americans abruptly withdrew, as a result the competition was moved to the capital of Qatar.

    In Doha, Russians will perform in 9 sports. Team Russia, approved by the ROC Executive Committee today, includes 55 athletes: 26 women and 29 men from 13 regions of the Russian Federation. The outfitter of Team Russia is the company ZASPORT.

    Today ZASPORT representatives presented the official outfits for Team Russia for the upcoming 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. Members of the Executive Committee discussed the design of the sports outfits and gear and made their own suggestions.

    Furthermore, the Committee approved the date and the agenda of the 2019 Olympic meeting which is due to take place on November 28 in the ROC’s main building.

    Sofya Velikaya, Chair of the ROC Athletes’ Commission, touched upon the existing problem of athletes missing doping tests. Stanislav Pozdnyakov called for increased work in this area with the All-Russian sports federations and RUSADA.

    Based on the decision of the ROC Commission on Awards, the Executive Committee approved a list of athletes and decided to award the ROC Honorary Badge “For Merits in the Development of the Olympic Movement in Russia” to:

    – Abarus Rimanto, President of the Wrestling Federation of Kaliningrad Region;

    – Alexander Artemyev, Deputy Director General of JSC Tuymaada Financial Agro-Industrial Company;

    – Alexey Baranov, Head Coach of the Russian national skiing team;

    – Alla Belyaeva, Director of the sports school of the Olympic reserve for skiing and freestyle in Leningrad Region;

    – Denis Berezkin, member of DOSAAF Russia;

    – Andrey Gorbenko, Vice President of the All-Russian Volleyball Federation;

    – Victor Livtsov, Deputy Director of the Central Russian Institute of Management (branch of the Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration);

    – Nail Maganov, Director General of PJSC TATNEFT;

    – Alexander Marusich, President of the Table Tennis Federation of Nizhny Novgorod Region;

    – Irina Raber, President of the Moscow Figure Skating Federation;

    – Vladimir Subbotin, Director General of Gazprom Transgaz Samara LLC;

    – Vasily Suchkov, member of DOSAAF Russia;

    – Vladimir Chibirkin, Chairman of the State Assembly of the Republic of Mordovia.


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