Stanislav Pozdnyakov: “Soon we will sign an agreement with the Ministry of Sports on the implementation of the Beijing-2022 Program”

The President of ROC answered journalists’ questions following the results of the Olympic Assembly.

“The Olympic Assembly is our main official event,” Stanislav Pozdnyakov began his speech with these words to media representatives. “Today, it was attended by 254 delegates representing the federations of summer and winter Olympic sports, the leaders of the regional Olympic Councils, as well as Olympic champions, honoured coaches and other professionals.”

The main outcome of the Olympic Assembly was the approval of the Program for the preparation of athletes to the Russian Olympic team for the Olympic Winter Games 2022 in Beijing. The document, which we have been preparing and working on for a long time, was supported by all representatives of the winter federations who spoke in the debate, and was also approved by the Ministry of Sports which will sign an agreement with ROC on the implementation of this program in the near future.

Another important issue discussed today concerns the amendment of the Charter of the Russian Olympic Committee. The Executive Committee has accepted four new members. These members are ready to work for the benefit of Russian sport and the Olympic movement and are actively working in the leading body of ROC which is good news. Today we also discussed the issues of appointing a new auditor and membership in the Russian Olympic Committee.

– Almost 10 billion rubles have been allocated to prepare for the next Olympic Games, will this sum be enough to finance all ROC programs and projects?

– This amount is sufficient to fulfill all the obligations as part of our statutory activities, which include the programs of high achievement sports, mass sports, Olympic education and other projects.

– Are there any additional sources of income for the Russian Olympic Committee?

– We have a special marketing program to attract sponsors and partners. It is transparent and clearly structured, it can be found on the official website of ROC. The Marketing Department is looking for potential partners, and if they appear, all existing programs will be implemented with additional assistance.

– Is it possible that at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, the Russian Olympic team will still be missing some members?

– The Olympic Committee of Russia, together with RUSADA, is doing a lot of work on changing the anti-doping culture among our athletes, including those who are just starting their careers. I am sure that by our joint efforts we can change the situation for the better.