Vladimir Sengleev: “Commentary heard by fans during live broadcasts is the most memorable”

Vladimir Sengleev, Director General of the Russian Olympic Committee, took part in the second annual “Voice of Sport” awards ceremony. Dmitry Guberniev received the Alexey Burkov award for “Best Commentator in Olympic Sports.”

– The “Voice of Sport” Prize helps the professional community of commentators to develop, – said Vladimir Sengleev in his interview to the ROC Information Service. – I am glad that the jury has assessed the activities of their colleagues based on several criteria, including objectivity, the emotional component, public speaking, as well as knowledge of the subject and the type of sports discipline.

This is especially important since the commentary heard by fans during live broadcasts of sports competitions is remembered most of all and becomes an integral part of further discussions.

– For the second year in a row, the ceremony is held at the premises of the Russian Olympic Committee.

– We founded the Russian Association of Sports Commentators (RASC) and we believe that all public organizations working in the field of sport should have a common home – the Russian Olympic Committee. Therefore, it is not surprising that the awards ceremony took place once again on Luzhnetskaya Embankment. I think that Dmitry Guberniev, who received the award for “Best Commentator in Olympic Sports”, rightly deserved this honour. He is passionate about the Olympic movement and participates in all major events, including those under the auspices of the ROC. Dmitry Guberniev is undoubtedly one of the greatest commentators of all time.

– What can you say about the other laureates?

– Most often I quote Viktor Gusev. In critical situations, I use one of his classic phrases while trying to keep his intonation. All my subordinates immediately understand that this particular moment must be given maximum attention. Viktor Gusev is one of my favourite commentators of all time. He provides commentary in an intelligent and calm manner. As a child I was a big fan of Kote Makharadze. It was very pleasant to listen to him, I quote: “David Kipiani approached the referee and tried to explain something to him in fluent English.” I still remember watching these matches on black-and-white TV. Back then, of course, I could not even imagine that I would one day work at the Russian Olympic Committee and regularly interact with commentators whose voices are known to fans across the country.