Vladimir Vasin: ″By 2022, Olympic Country events should involve at least 18 million people″

The Russian Olympic Committee held the first meeting of the Sport for All Commission in 2019 chaired by Honorary Vice President of ROC and Olympic champion in diving Vladimir Vasin.

The participants discussed the draft Olympic Country program to promote the development of mass sports for 2019-2022. The final version of the document will be approved by the ROC Executive Committee on January 31.

– The previous Olympic Country program (2015-2018) was launched pursuant to the direct instructions of the President of the Russian Federation in March 2014, – said Vladimir Vasin in his interview to the ROC Information Service. – It has been a great success and we have tangible figures.

The new Olympic Country program will be a continuation of the tremendous work that has been done by ROC over the past four years. As before, the program includes a whole range of events for the development of mass sports.

We are tasked with expanding the format of our main projects by 2022, such as the All-Russian Olympic Day, Winter Sports Day, Walking Day, and the Olympic Patrol. We will try to fill them with new content and make them more attractive to sponsors and fans of an active lifestyle.

I must mention that a new event at the initiative of the UN General Assembly will be added to complement the existing projects as part of the Olympic Country program – International Day of Sport which is celebrated in many countries around the world on April 6.

ROC will also continue to work on the creation and support of non-profit sports clubs. At the moment, thanks to the Olympic Country program, there are about 400 such clubs operate in 59 regions.

According to our estimates, the events of the Olympic Country program in the new four-year cycle should involve at least 18 million people.

I am confident that the joint efforts of the Ministry of Sport, the Russian Olympic Committee, regional authorities and philanthropists will help to achieve the objective set by the Government of the Russian Federation which is to increase the proportion of Russian citizens who regularly engage in physical education and sports to 55%.