ANOC Executive Council praised the work of the Culture and Education Commission

The 79th meeting of the ANOC Executive Council took place in Doha, where the first World Beach Games are taking place, in the run-up to the ANOC General Assembly.

Within the framework of today’s meeting, the chairman of the ANOC Culture and Education Commission Stanislav Pozdnyakov addressed the participants. The President of the ROC elaborated on several new large-scale projects which are being implemented by the Russian Olympic Committee. Mentioned were the International Forum of Young Olympians and the educational programs of the Russian International Olympic University (RIOU).

The Executive Council noted that in recent years, the work of the Commission has undergone significant changes. Today, it conducts a large amount of practical activities within the framework of various projects aimed at creating a whole new level of qualitatively educational opportunities, including opportunities for athletes who have recently completed their careers. The Commission also strives for a wide sports and cultural exchange between countries and peoples.