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    The Russian Olympic team took first place in the unofficial medal standings of the 3rd Winter Youth Olympic Games. Our athletes won 29 medals – 10 gold medals, 11 silver medals and 8 bronze medals. Switzerland came second with 24 medals (10-6-8), while Japan was placed third with 17 medals (9-7-1).

    In Lausanne, our athletes were more successful than in Innsbruck (2012) where they won 16 medals (5-4-7) and Lillehammer (2016) where they won 24 medals (7-8-9).

    During the Games, Russian athletes received the highest awards in 11 sports out of 16 – Alpine skiing, biathlon, skeleton, luge, ice hockey, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, curling, speed skating, ski jumping and figure skating. Our athletes also claimed victories in 3×3 hockey and short track as part of international teams.

    The most decorated Russian athlete was Alena Mokhova (biathlon) winning two gold medals and one silver medal.

    In addition, Olympic champions also included Oleg Domichek (biathlon), Apollinaria Panfilova/Dmitry Rylov, Irina Khavronina/Dario Chirizano (figure skating), Anastasia Tsyganova (skeleton), Anna Shpyneva (ski jumping), Diana Loginova, Pavel Repilov, Mikhail Karnaukhov, Yuri Chirva (luge), Ilya Tregubov (cross country skiing), as well as the hockey team.

    Silver medals were won by Ksenia Sinitsyna, Diana Mukhametzyanova/Ilya Mironov, Andrei Mozalev, Sofya Tyutyunina/Alexander Shustitsky (figure skating), Pavel Taran (speed skating), Denis Kherodov, Anastasia Zenova, Alena Mokhova, Oleg Domichek (biathlon), Pavel Repilov (luge), Artem Bazhin (freestyle skiing), Anastasia Privalova, Maria Erofeeva, Evgeny Genin, Andrey Gorbachev (snowboard/freestyle skiing).

    Bronze medals were won by Daniil Samsonov, Anna Frolova (figure skating), Pavel Taran (speed skating), Valeria Denisenko, Alina Farkhutdinova, Mikhail Vlasenko, Nikolai Lysakov (curling), Diana Loginova, Mikhail Karnaukhov/Yuri Chirva (luge), Vladislav Balyukin, and Andrey Gorbachev (freestyle skiing).

    Most medals were won in figure skating – 8 (2-4-2), biathlon – 6 (3-3-0) and luge – 4 (1-1-2).

    For the very first time at the Winter Youth Olympic Games, our hockey team won gold. Before, they got silver in Innsbruck and bronze in Lillehammer.

    Also for the very first time, the Russian Olympic team took first place in the unofficial medal standings. In 2012, we came fifth and in 2016 – third.


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