Stanislav Pozdnyakov: “The ANOC Executive Council decided to award the Russian basketball team with a prize for fair play”

The noble deed of Russian basketball players at the World Beach Games in Doha received a wide international response. In the middle of the opening match against Uganda in the 3×3 basketball tournament, one of the players from the African team was seriously injured. Due to the lack of substitutions on the Ugandan team, the match was to continue in the 3×2 format. However, our athletes decided to continue the game as a duo – the third basketball player withdrew from the game.

The fans appreciated the gesture and the Russian team received a standing ovation. Today, this episode has been the subject of discussion at the ANOC Executive Council, which is now taking place in Doha. As a result, it was decided to award the Russian basketball team with a special prize for displaying the best sports qualities in the spirit of fair play. The prize will be presented at the ANOC General Assembly in the coming days.

Stanislav Pozdnyakov, President of the ROC:

– We can say that this is now the most discussed topic at the ANOC World Beach Games. The media, the fans and the representatives of sports organizations are all talking about this. Today during the meeting of the ANOC Executive Council, a collective initiative was put forward to highlight the fair play and all present members fully supported it. When you see a demonstration of fair play, not just in words, but in action, during an equal match, it is really worth a lot and deserves the greatest praise. It is during such moments that everyone immediately remembers what sport is really about – not only the struggle for goals, points and seconds, but also respect, nobility and dignity.

As for the Russian men’s 3×3 basketball team, having completed the group tournament with two wins and one defeat, they have now reached the quarter finals, where they will strive for the ultimate prize. There is no doubt that fan support will increase significantly for our team in the capital of Qatar.