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    Shortly before the opening ceremony of the 3rd Winter Youth Olympic Games, the President of the ROC visited the Olympic village of Lausanne where many young athletes are staying. He held informal talks with young Russian athletes due to compete in the Games, their coaches and supervisors.

    In Lausanne, all the athletes are staying in a large circular building known as the Vortex. The 27-metre-high building has a ring-shaped construction, consisting of 712 units, and stepping out onto the spiral ramp on the second floor you can reach the very top of the building. It is easy to find where the Russian athletes are staying – all the balconies of the fourth floor are decorated with the Russian flag.

    – Welcome home! The Olympic village is our common home, and you are real Olympians representing our wonderful country at the Youth Olympics, – announced Stanislav Pozdnyakov.

    He proceeded to ask how the young athletes had settled down in Lausanne and whether their stay was comfortable enough.

    – Everything is fine, and the conditions are great, – the Olympians replied.

    When asked which athletes are set to compete first on January 10, the figure skaters were quick to respond.

    – Figure skating is Russia’s strong suit. We have numerous worthy role models, I hope you can follow their footsteps, – said the President of the ROC with a smile.

    – Ski mountaineering also debuts tomorrow, – said Nikita Filippov, a ski mountaineer who joined the conversation.

    – Welcome to the Olympic family and good luck! Competitions in ski mountaineering are set to open the Games, it largely depends on how interesting and spectacular you make the first competitions, – emphasized Stanislav Pozdnyakov.

    The President of the Russian Olympic Committee did not set any tasks before the athletes, but simply advised them to remain true to themselves, enjoy the competitions and do their best.

    – I am sure that you will remember this event for many years to come, since the first high-profile competitions are the most memorable.

    – According to the athletes – everything is just fine. But what do the coaches have to say? Any comments? – inquired Stanislav Pozdnyakov.

    – One drawback is the long trip to France where competitions will be held in biathlon, it takes us one and a half hours to get there, – said coach Yuri Vekshin. – And since we have rifles, the control procedure is very strict. However, from the viewpoint of safety and security this is right.

    – It was very important for me to find out how our Olympians had settled in the Olympic village. Young athletes are very sensitive to details, and I am glad to hear that they feel comfortable training here, – concluded Stanislav Pozdnyakov.


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