Stanislav Pozdnyakov: “We are all tested for strength, endurance and responsibility”

The President of the Russian Olympic Committee Stanislav Pozdnyakov congratulated all lovers of sports and a healthy lifestyle on International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, traditionally celebrated on April 6.

Stanislav Pozdnyakov:

Dear friends!

– April 6 is traditionally celebrated as the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace with a traditional attribute – the white card.

Today’s situation is such that a blank white card becomes quite symbolic. We will have to start with a blank sheet after the coronavirus pandemic is over. In sport, among other things.

Right now, we all, both individually and collectively, are tested for strength, endurance, responsibility and ability to make timely and effective decisions in an uncommon environment. These decisions largely determine how sports and Olympic life will develop further, both in certain countries and a global scale.

A great deal is now being said about unity, mutual understanding, facilitation, decency. If the international community succeeds in observing these basic principles while dealing with the current crisis developments, the obstacles will soon be overcome.

Sport can play a key role in this situation, as the history had seen happening more than once. And to make it happen, let’s just remind ourselves today about the sport’s bright mission – to give people the feeling of joy from success, the delight from wonderful and bright victories, the pleasure of communication and the desire to feel these emotions again and again. For example, at the Olympic Games, open to all countries and continents, to the whole planet, without barriers and restrictions.

Wishing you all good health! Happy holiday!