Stanislav Pozdnyakov: “We are glad that it is most likely boxing will be presented at Tokyo 2020”

The IOC Executive Board has recommended that boxing should be kept on the programme of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, but proposed to suspend the membership of the Amateur International Boxing Association (AIBA). These IOC decisions will be discussed at the organisation’s Session in Lausanne, which will be held from 24 to 26 June.

Stanislav Pozdnyakov:

— In my opinion, the key aspect of the recommendations that were made public by the IOC Executive Board today is, of course, the preservation of boxing as a sport on the Olympic programme in full. When making even the most difficult decisions, the leadership of the International Olympic Committee has always come from the interests of athletes and their right to compete at the Olympic Games. We fully support this stance, and we are glad that it is most likely boxing will be represented at Tokyo 2020.

Of course, we still have to see what the final decision of the Session of the IOC is going to be like, but I believe the recommendations will be accepted and approved. Regarding the situation with the AIBA, there have been alarm bells for a long time, but, unfortunately, no drastic measures have been taken. It is a shame that the September AIBA World Boxing Championships in Yekaterinburg will not, by the looks of it, have the status of a qualifying tournament for the Olympic Games as the competition for licences will start only in January of next year.

We are closely watching how the events are developing, and we are constantly discussing this matter with representatives of the IOC and with our other colleagues. I would like to believe that all parties as soon as possible will be able to overcome the crisis that has occurred around the international federation. That has to be done for the sake of the further development of boxing