Thomas Bach calls on everyone to make sport an important part of their lives

President of the International Olympic Committee addressed a message to the participants of the Olympic Day. In Russia this holiday will be celebrated on July 1.

Dear participants!

The Olympic Day not only embodies the modern Olympic Movement, but also reminds people of the benefits of an active lifestyle.

Sport is universal. Therefore, he gives joy to every person, regardless of gender, age and abilities. That is why it is so important for girls and boys, men and women, young people and the older generation to always have the opportunity to practice sports.

Also sport unites people. Therefore, I call on all of you to make it an important part of your lives, and actively involve your friends and relatives in training.

Taking part in the celebration of the Olympic Day, you will make a great contribution to the dissemination of the ideals of Olympism around the world. We can achieve successes in  it only acting together!

Thank you very much for everything you do to promote sport!

I wish you a wonderful Olympic Day!

Thomas Bach,
President of the International Olympic Committee