Vladimir Lisin – President of the International Shooting Sport Federation

At the ISSF General Assembly held today in Munich, the President of the organization was elected. Following the outcome of the vote of 159 members of the ISSF present at the Assembly, Vladimir Lisin, Head of the Russian Shooting Union, won the elections. He beat his main rival Luciano Rossi from Italy and for the first time in the history of the Russian shooting sport chaired the international federation.

Stanislav Pozdnyakov:

“On behalf of the Russian Olympic movement and the Russian Olympic Committee I sincerely congratulate Mr. Lisin with this very important victory. It is always much easier to declare and announce than to act. In this case, we succeeded and the task is accomplished. Now, the Russian sport is represented on the global level by one more head of an international federation. It is, obviously, very important for us.  Our colleagues’ vote is also the recognition of services and management efficiency on the internal level. In this respect, I would like to wish Mr. Lisin further success and productivity in his work for the benefit of Russian and international shooting sport, new victories and achievements”.