All Rio 2016 venues will be built on time

According to the Mayor of Rio de Janeiro Eduardo Paes, all Rio 2016 venues will be built in time.

“In the beginning we had some difficulties, but then we gained momentum, thus there’s nothing to worry about now,” – said Paes.

The International Olympic Committee was concerned about the deadline for the completion of  the venues due to the fact that construction of the stadiums for the 2014 Brazil World Cup caused many difficulties. At some venues, the final preparations were made during the tournament.

In addition to the construction of the Olympic infrastructure, the organizers may face another serious problem. Scientists of the University Research Institute of Rio de Janeiro have found super-bacteria in the Guanabara Bay, where sailing and windsurfing competitions should be held. The organizers have promised to take all possible measures to purify the water before the start of the Games.

It is to be recalled that the Rio de Janeiro Games are scheduled to be held from August 5 to 21, 2016.