Alexander Zhukov, Honorary President of the ROC

Alexander Zhukov, who has been heading the Russian Olympic Committee for eight years, was elected as Honorary President of the ROC. The overwhelming majority of delegates of the Olympic meeting voted for this suggestion of the new head of the ROC Stanislav Pozdnyakov.

Alexander Zhukov’s work as the head of the ROC was highly appreciated not only by the members of the Supreme governing body of the ROC, but also by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. In  his address, which was read at the Olympic meeting by Igor Levitin,  Aide to the President of the Russian Federation, President payed tribute to Alexander Zhukov’s fruitful work on protection of interests of the Russian sport in the international sports organizations.

– We worked together with Stanislav Alekseevich Pozdnyakov for two years, Zhukov told to representatives of mass media after Olympic meeting.  During this time he has  approved himself well. Especially during the 2018 Olympic Games, when he headed our delegation. Pozdnyakov has done the maximum to ensure that our athletes were allowed to perform in Pyeongchang, and that the ROC  has been fully reinstated. Stanislav Alekseevich is aware of all the activities of the ROC, including international ones, he is very familiar with the issues of cooperation with the federations. And Pozdnyakov’s Program ensures consistency of operations.

– Membership in the IOC is not transferred automatically, but a strong sports country like Russia should rightfully have its place in it. So the new head of the ROC has all chances to apply for membership in the IOC,  Zhukov noted.

Alexander Zhukov’s presidential term has expired, however, he will remain in the ROC.

– I am very grateful to colleagues that they positively estimated my work and elected me as the Honorary President of the Olympic Committee,  Zhukov added. – It’s a great honor for me. In the future, I will definitely participate in the work of the ROC. There are at least two lines of activity, that I would like to develop. The first is the creation of a modern interactive Olympic Museum, in which people could communicate with our athletes and support them. The Moscow government has already allocated a very good pavilion on the Central Alley of VDNH. The second direction is connected with the development of the Team Russia Internet portal and the ROC TV, which is directly connected with the IOC TV.