Alexander Zhukov: “The ROC created an effective system of interaction with regional Olympic councils and academies”

Today, the Russian Olympic Committee held a meeting of heads of regional Olympic councils and academies, which was attended by the President of the ROC Alexander Zhukov, Vice-President of the ROC Stanislav Pozdnyakov and Director General of the ROC Vladimir Sengleev.

On the eve of the Olympic meeting, during which elections to the governing bodies of the ROC will be held, Alexander Zhukov, Stanislav Pozdnyakov and Vladimir Sengleev thanked colleagues from the regions for joint long-term work on the implementation of projects and programs of the ROC in the field of mass sports, Olympic education, promotion of Olympic values and a healthy lifestyle.

Alexander Zhukov:

‘We have come a long way together. Without your participation it would be impossible to achieve the desired result. And the result is that over the last 8 years the number of the all-Russian Olympic Day participants has increased from 500 thousand to almost 2 million. The  number of participants and the geography of the Winter Sports Day and the All-Russian Walking Day are also increasing.

Today the ROC supports the initiatives of the regions and your initiatives in various areas, united by the Olympic Country program. Within its framework support non-profit sports clubs, interaction with the physical culture and sports societies, the development of non-Olympic sports (e.g., sambo), as well as donation of sports equipment, direct financing of individual activities, etc.

I would also like to thank the Olympic academies. We continue to work together with you and along with that we continue to reform the activities of the RIOU. It should be noted that earlier RIOU was focused on training specialists for the international Olympic movement. Now the situation has changed. Most  of the students at the University are representatives of the regions. Their number increased from 200 to 1,100 people per year.

The Schteinschlift project, realized by the ROC under the support of the Gazprom company,  is very popular in the regions. More than one thousand sets of ski equipment were prepared by our experts on your applications, including those from sports schools. Seminars are held. I have seen many letters of thanks, which means that our efforts are not in vain.

In General, I will say that the ROC managed to build an effective system of cooperation and assistance with the regional Olympic councils. Today they work in 82 regions of the Russian Federation. There is enough experience and material and technical resources for further development.’

The meeting ended with a solemn awarding ceremony. In accordance with the decision of the ROC Executive Board, 19 heads of the Olympic councils and academies were awarded the ROC Plaque of Honour for merits in development of the Olympic movement in Russia and the ROC diplomas for long-term management of the regional Olympic Academy and significant contribution to the development of the Olympic movement in Russia.

In addition, 36 Olympic councils were awarded ROC diplomas for long-term and fruitful work on the development of the Olympic movement in Russia.