Central Olympic Academy visits Mongolia

At the invitation of the Mongolian National Olympic Committee, delegation of the Central Olympic Academy (COA), headed by its President Natalia Melnikova, visited Ulan Bator from 18 to 20 June 2018.

The delegation held talks with the President of the Mongolian NOC Demchigjav Sahasranam, visited the Olympic Museum. The highest award of the NOC of Mongolia, the Olympic order was presented to the Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Natalia Melnikova, for the contribution to the development of historical sports science.

At the meeting of the Minister of education, science, culture and sports of Mongolia Tsedenbalyn Tsogzolmaa with the delegation of the Central Asia, the sides exchanged views on bilateral relations and cooperation. The parties stressed the importance of improving the Olympic education of the younger generation.


Representatives of the COA visited the state sports school and met with its core group.

A meeting with the Mongolian Department of Education administration was held.

During the delegation’s visit to the Russian Language Centre branch, located in the secondary school No. 33 of Ulan Bator, named after the city-hero of Moscow, the Director of the school Naman Inhba thanked the COA for its support and exchange of experience in the field of Olympic education.

Russian specialists at the request of the Mongolian side held lectures on the Olympic education at a seminar for the Olympic core group of Mongolia.

The main result of the visit was the conclusion of the agreement on mutual cooperation between the COA and the National Olympic Academy of Mongolia.