Evgenia Medvedeva: “Before the performance, I took a deep breath, spread my wings and flied”

Silver medalist of the Olympic Games in women’s singles after the end of the free program answered journalists’ questions, easily switching from Russian to English.

– Why did you cry on the ice?

– I’m not the kind of person who shows his emotions, said Evgenia Medvedeva. – But it was a special day. I was Karenina from the beginning to the end of my performance, I was emotionally involved. I left my soul on the ice, and this feeling will be with me for all my life.

– And still…why did the tears broke through?

– It happened for the first time at competitions. I don’t know what it was. Probably, the emotions that demanded release. I started to cry and immediately it became easier.

– You missed the victory by just 1.31 points. Meanwhile, with your previous free program, you could have received more points for the technique, than you did today.

– What’s the point in thinking about what could have been done?! I only look forward. I want to thank all my huge team consisting of coaches, choreographers, doctors and other specialists. Thanks to all these people, I managed to recover from the injury and win the Olympic medal.

– Did you feel extra pressure because the whole country was waiting for you and Alina to win?

– No, I was absolutely calm today. No nerves! Before the skate I took a deep breath, spread my wings like a bird, and flied!

What did you think when you saw so many Russian flags at the stands?

– Already at the team event I was amazed by support of the audience. Today there was a feeling that only our fans are at the stands. It was really cool!

Many people cheered for you personally.

– I heard that the fans were shouting my name. It worths a lot to make me smile before the skate. Once again, thank you all for your support!

Евгения Медведева: «Перед прокатом вдохнула полной грудью, расправила крылья и полетела». Изображение номер 1


After a short program there was a lot of talks that gold is already ours. Did it interfere in your preparation to this decisive performance?

– No. I was only thinking about skating. I wanted to perform in a such way so that do not to feel any regrets. I did it.

Maybe it was worth to risk and slightly complicate the program?

– Each of us has a lot of thoughts in his head. I will not say mine. I can only repeat once more: I did everything I wanted, and I do not regret anything.

Are you happy with the scores for technique?

– How can I be unhappy, having skated my program cleanly ?! At the same time, now I have a motivation to work even more on the technical component of both programs. If you really want to, you can achieve everything. My parents taught me so…

In the group of your coach Eteri Tutberidze new talented girls are growing up. Are you ready to compete with them?

– That’s life. I myself was 15 years old once. Without competition in sports, as in life, there would be a stagnation, and I’m for evolution!

How difficult was it to perform under a different flag?

– Athletes do not have power over circumstances. But if you saw the stands today, you could skip this question. The fans know very well who we are and why they came here.

Can you imagine yourself in the place of 31-year-old Carolina Kostner, for whom this Olympics are already the fourth?

– People like her inspire me. When something does not work out, you say to yourself: “Carolina can, so that means you can do it also.” Honestly, I can not imagine how she manages to keep such an amazing shape for so many years. This is a good example to follow. I like figure skating and I want to do it for a long time as Carolina Kostner.