Olympic Patrol visited Rostov-on-Don

The first city, that the Olympic Patrol visited  in 2018 was Rostov-on-Don. On May 15, the Rostov regional school of Olympic reserve held an Olympic lesson, which was part of the sports and educational project. Thanks to the Patrol his students talked with the 2008 Olympic champion, foil fencer Svetlana Boyko and one of the heroes of the Rio Olympics, handball champion Vladlena Bobrovnikova, who gave Russian fans most vivid memories of the 2016 Games.

They told the schoolchildren about the Olympic movement, its history and principles, shared their experience of performing at the main competitions.

Svetlana Boyko, Olympic champion of the 2008 XXIX Summer Olympics, has been representing the Russian team at the  international competitions since 1993, but she won the main award in her career only after 15 years. At the Beijing Games, she went down in history as the author of the touch, which was later named the Golden Touch. It was her victory over the Italian in the semifinals that allowed the Russian team to overcome such a strong opponent, and to get to the final of the Games, where Russian foil fencers defeated the United States team.

Svetlana Boyko told the guys what role coaches and their support played in her success. The coaches convinced the athlete to quit sports when she was having doubts about whether to continue or not. She also reminded the guys that any medal, be it gold, silver or bronze, is a result of great work.

No less memorable and dramatic was the final of the women’s Handball competition at the XXXI Olympic summer Games in Rio de Janeiro, in which Vladlena Bobrovnikova took part. In the final, the team, led by Yevgeny Trefilov, defeated France 22:19. Vladlena, who is now continuing her sports career, said that she still remembers the atmosphere of the Games in Rio, although she did not believe that she would be able to get to the main competitions of the four-year period. However, according to her, already in the childhood she set a goal to become the Olympic champion, and she was keen-set for this. She wished the guys the same perseverance in moving towards their goal.

The guys from the school of the Olympic reserve asked their questions, and took pictures and autographs.

It should be noted that Minister of sports of the Rostov Region Samvel Arakelyan attended the meeting.

The Olympic Patrol project, is part of the Olympic Country program, launched by the ROC in 2014,  aimed at mass sports development. Throughout its existence, the Patrol has visited dozens of cities in Russia. In July 2014 it visited the largest children’s centers in Russia, including Orlyonok, Smena in the Krasnodar region; Artek in the Crimea and other. Then Olympic Patrol started working in Russian schools and by May 2015 visited 60 secondary schools in 24 regions of Russia. In October 2015 the project was introduced to the President of the International Olympic Committee, Olympic fencing champion Thomas Bach.

Over the years of the project’s existence, more than 130,000 people and about 200 famous athletes, Olympic, European an в world Champions took part in it, among them were:

  • Anastasia Davydova, five-time Olympic champion in synchronized swimming;
  • Victor An, six-time Olympic short track champion;
  • Alexey Nemov, four-time Olympic champion in gymnastics;
  • Nikolai Zimyatov, four– time Olympic champion in cross-country skiing;
  • Vladislav Tretiak, three– time Olympic champion in ice hockey;
  • Svetlana Romashina, five-time Olympic champion in synchronized swimming;
    Natalia Ishchenko, five-time Olympic champion in synchronized swimming;
  • Ekaterina Bobrova and Dmitry Soloviev-Olympic, figure skating Champions;
  • Irina Rodnina, three-time Olympic champion in figure skating;
  • Alexander Karelin, three-time Olympic champion in Greco-Roman wrestling;
  • Maria Kiseleva, three –time Olympic champion in synchronized swimming;
  • Elena Zamolodchikova, two-time Olympic champion in gymnastics;
  • Alexander Lesun-Olympic, champion in modern pentathlon;
  • Sofia Velikaya, Olympic fencing champion;
  • Alla Shishkina, two-time Olympic champion in synchronized swimming and many others.


As the organization leading the Olympic movement in Russia, the ROC represents the Russian Federation on the international arena, in relations with the International Olympic Committee, international sports federations and national Olympic committees of the world. In the framework of the international activities, the ROC in Russia holds the largest official Olympic events, such as the General Assembly of the European Olympic committees (November, 2011, Sochi), the General Assembly of the Association of national Olympic committees (April 2012, Moscow), the first world Olympians forum and the meeting of the General Assembly of the world Olympians Association (October 2015, Moscow).

The Russian Olympic Committee regularly provides funding to the all-Russian sports federations, including participation of athletes in various competitions, their travel, accommodation and food, purchase of high – tech sports equipment, equipment and equipment, services of foreign and Russian coaches and specialists, treatment and adaptation for candidates for the Russian Olympic team (more than 2,500 athletes in total).

In accordance with the state policy of the Russian Federation in the field of physical culture and sports and the IOC Charter, the ROC annually implements a number of national projects and programs related to the development of mass, youth and amateur sports, which gather huge audiences across the country. The total number of participants of the all-Russian Olympic day in 2015 amounted to about 2.4 million people, winter sports Day attracted more than 1 million participants. Traditional projects of the ROC “Olympic patrol” and “Olympic changes” United hundreds of thousands of children and adults in different regions of the country, more than 150 Olympic Champions and prize-winners took part in these events.