Vladimir Putin’s welcome to the Olympic Meeting

Dear friends!

The Olympic movement in our country has a long and glorious history. We are proud of the names and triumphs of our athletes who have written bright, unforgettable pages in the victorious chronicle of national and world sports, their great contribution to the development and promotion of the ideals of Olympism.

Today, the Russian Olympic movement faces serious and highly responsible tasks. The future of high-performance sport and its competitiveness largely depend on their competent decision. It is important to fully ensure the restoration of our positions in the international sports movement, to actively participate in the activities of international federations, to continue improving the anti-doping system. And of course, it should be a priority to create a culture of absolute intolerance to this negative phenomenon at all stages of sports training. I want to emphasize that the responsibility for achieving these goals lies with the Russian Olympic Committee as the founder of the all-Russian anti-doping organization.

I am sure that together we will overcome all the difficulties and continue developing Russian sport for the benefit of the fatherland and its citizens.

I wish you success.

I express my sincere gratitude to President of the ROC Alexander Zhukov for his great and fruitful work in protecting the interests of Russian sports in the international sports organizations.

Russian President Vladimir Putin