Vladimir Sengleyev: “Liverpool’s experience would be helpful for the Olympic Country program development”

The ROC delegation headed by the General Director Vladimir Sengleyev has visited Liverpool, which has been involved into the Active City program, launched by the TAFISA under the support of the IOC.

ROC representatives examined the experience of one of the most successful pilot cities, implementing the Active City standards.

Vladimir Sengleyev, General Director of the ROC:

We have an Olympic Country program, within the frame of which we support not-for-profit sports clubs in regular schools, education and public organizations. The next step should be their development within certain locations.

The Active City program, launched by TAFISA, gives necessary instruments for solving this problem.

In Liverpool the sports community, uniting sports and active lifestyle lovers, has already been existing for 13 years. Those, who join this community, get the opportunity to  practice sport in any of the 12 centers. What is important is that the regional municipality actively supports it.

If needed, participants of the Liverpool community can get consultations on healthy diet or receive medical help in the partner organizations. Also many events, aimed at the healthy lifestyle promotion, in Liverpool are organized under the patronage of the Everton football club. In other words, the whole city is involved into the process of attracting people to physical culture and sports.

I think that that is what we should strive for. Our English colleagues are ready to share experience and organize together with the TAFISA a topical workshop, devoted to the Active City program. One of its advantages is its flexibility. Such model is effective both in million cities and in small towns.

In response, the ROC is ready to tell the wide audience about this project – the not-for-profit sports clubs, Olympic councils and other non-governmental organizations, representing regional municipalities.

And finally I would like to express gratitude to the organizers of the Active City project in Liverpool, in particular the head of the Health and Sports community Michael Salla, Director of the not-for-profit organization Initiative, Active Wellbeing John Marsden and Professor of the Liverpool John Moores University George Keith for warm welcome and interesting information. Many of the English practices we will use in our Olympic Country program.