Walk for Good!

On September 29-30 the All-Russian Walking Day will be held. This event is a part of a major international sports fest sponsored by the TAFISA. For more than 20 years millions of people from 150 countries regardless of sex and age go for a sports walk on one of the Autumn days. Russia joined this sports movement in 2015.

The routs and the distances are worked out taking into account the specific characteristics of each city and the interests and capabilities and prepardness of the walkers. Three years ago the First Russian Walking Day, orgaized by the ROC, started in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and then the relay passed through towns and regions by means of video conferencing.

Thus the event covered 11 cities in 11 time zones. And last year a quarter of a million of people from 60 regions of the Russian Federation participated in the Walking Day!

According to the tradition the ROC invites all those wishing to take part in the 2018 All-Russian Walking Day. Find your region in the list of events on the website wd.teamrussia.pro, register and come to support the most affordable sports discipline. Everybody, who passed the registration will receive his start number and the diploma of a participant through e-mail!

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