Anastasia Bryzgalova and Alexander Krushelnitsky: “Let it be bronze, but it is very important”

Anastasia Bryzgalova and Alexander Krushelnitsky told about their impressions after winning the bronze medal of the Olympic Games  in Pyeongchang.

– Is bronze Olympic medal enough for the world Champions to be absolutely happy?

Anastasia: Before we came here we said that for us any medal would be…

Alexander: A great victory.

Anastasia: We knew that we could win a medal, and we did it. Let it be bronze, but for us it is very important.

–  The word “let it be” bothered  a little. Am I correct in understanding that there is actually a sense of incomplete satisfaction?

Anastasia: Maybe yesterday we could finish the match in our favor, but … The battle is to the strong. We wish the Canadians and the Swiss good luck, we took our own.

– The coach suggested that you didn’t sleep last night.

Anastasia: Yes, we slept very badly. We tried not to think about what happened, tried to sleep. Well… we rested a little.

– Alexander, do you think this match was the best in your career?

Alexander: Well, yes. Yes, of course.

– I hear doubt in your voice.

Alexander: I’m trying to remember. There were many good matches. I can call it one of the best.

– Was there something, that did not work out well in today’s game, despite the excellent result?

Anastasia: In the sixth end we had a +3 throw, but it didn’t work out a bit.

– How did the fall happen?

Anastasia: I just went backward and forgot that there was a stone, which I myself put there. It’s such a tradition to fall in the finals. (Laughs.) At the world Cup in 2016, when Sasha took the stone to win, I also stumbled and almost fell.

– Nothing hurts?

Anastasia: No, I softened the fall.

– Tell me, did you fully control today’s game? Did Goodin suggest exactly the same?

Alexander: I think he did. We were in the lead, playing on the ends. We  played our own game. Not the Norwegians’ but our own. We imposed our game.

– How did you team up?

Anastasia: We had another coach in mixed double, he suggested that since we are a couple we will not be able to play together, and  it will work against us. And Sasha was offered to play with another girl, but he refused, and we missed the national team. We went to the Championship of Russia and there we started our way.

Alexander: Luckily Vasily Nikolaevich became our coach.

– The coach said that as soon as you stopped sorting things out, at once things began to work out well. How do you usually play?

Anastasia: There are always some moments of excitement, and when we make a mistake, we start to settle disputes. But the last two games we were very calm. And even when we failed the eighth end, we did not start sorting things out and were  one team.

– If you had a home fight, and you have to play, does it somehow affects the game?

Alexander: We do not fight in everyday life. We have so much Curling, that in ordinary life, we have no time to fight.

– Alexander, you look like you’re in the fog. You gave it all in the game?

Alexander: I feel that I gave all the best (laughs). It is a little shame that, perhaps, we could do better.

– So there is a shame? Therefore the happiness is not absolute?

Alexander: Of course, it’s a shame. There is no need to hide it. It’s a shame, but I’m glad. (Anastasia laughs) That is what we can say.

– Mixed feelings?

Alexander: I don’t understand yet. It is very nice that we have this medal. This is  super.