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    “The main topic of yesterday’s negotiations of our working group with colleagues from the International Olympic Committee was, of course, the list of Russian athletes whom the IOC is ready to invite in Pyeongchang, said Stanislav Pozdnyakov.  We initially proceeded from the immutable rights of all clean athletes to participate in the Olympic games. A day before we received the list. And unfortunately, a number of   leading Russian athletes in several sports were removed from it.

    These athletes, such as, for example, Viktor Ahn, Anton Shipulin, Sergey Ustyugov were not involved in the investigation of the of Oswald Commission, they have never been implicated in any doping stories, and all those numerous tests they have gone through in their career prove that they are clean athletes.  However, currently their names are not in the list of potential participants of the Games.

    Today we will send an official request to the IOC to give specific reasons for the exclusion of some leading athletes from the list of potential participants of the Olympic Games.

    In accordance with the decisions of the Executive Committee, the IOC has the exclusive right to invite or not to invite certain athletes.  However, these reasons must be justified and explained to the athletes.

    We worked a lot on the other items on the agenda of negotiations, concerning technical and organizational issues, but now the first item on the agenda is the composition of our team.

    At the moment all information is still preliminary, I would like to emphasize that.  Today we will discuss the situation with sports federations and we will continue our dialogue with the IOC, after which final decisions will be taken”.


    News feed 22 March 2024
    Stanislav Pozdnyakov: “Lausanne has been consistently disavowing and disregarding the fundamental principles of the Olympic Charter for two years now”

    The President of the ROC commented on the recent statement of the head of the IOC Thomas Bach.

    News feed 9 March 2024
    ROC Secretary General took part in the presentation of the International Sports Games “Children of Asia-2024”

    The III Summit of Young Professionals in Sport concluded in Bangkok, focusing primarily on the development of children’s sports across the Asian continent.

    News feed 27 February 2024
    Stanislav Pozdnyakov: “We need to gradually move away from the term “new territories”. Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics, Zaporizhzhya, Kherson Oblast – these are already full-fledged regions of the Russian Federation”

    The ROC President visited a training session of the youth squads of the Rostov-Don women’s handball club as part of the Educational Forum in the capital of the Rostov Region.