Yulia Belorukova: “I knew that I would win a medal today”

23-year-old skier won bronze in the women’s sprint at the Olympic Games  in Pyeongchang.

— Is there a feeling of absolute happiness?— Yes.

— Very briefly tell us, is there any regret that the award could have been higher?

No, there is no regret and could not be. Because I’ve been through a lot for this medal. This trauma… I don’t want to talk about it.

Was it an absolutely planned the result?

I knew that I would win a medal today.

How? A forefeeling?

Last time in Lahti I also knew in the morning that there would be a medal. Today it was the same.

Did everything go as you planned?

I planned nothing. I did everything from my heart, the way  No tactics, I was just turned on.

How and when and how this forefeeling of the medal appears?

(Pausing) When I ask for a medal.

There was a feeling that the skis were slipping  into the hill a little.

If we together with the service team put more wax on the skis, they would not have such a good slide. Special thanks to the service team, because they are great. I don’t know how much effort they give to it. At the World Championships in Lahti, and here everything was perfect.

Two Russian girls were running in the final. Doe it change anything when there is a pal  running with you or in the finals it does not matter, who is running near?

Wow! Of course, it is important. Natasha and I, we prove that we can fight. Recently women were struck off, but not yet! Three it is, a medal there is. (she laughs)

You already stood at the podium this season in Kuusamo in Sprint. It turns out that it’s your best discipline?

(flirty) It Turns out that way.

Natasha was already looking forward to the team sprint. She said, together with Julia we will…

Well, thus we will not declare anything aloud, but our team is really good. And not only on the sprint team, but the relay as well. Our team is not so big. We need to stick together, which is what we’re doing.