Russian representatives in international winter Olympic sports organizations

* data is valid for August 2017






International Biathlon Union (IBU)
  • V. Maigurov, 1st Vice-President
  • V. Maigurov, Executive Coomittee member
  • V. Bragin, technical delegate
  • N. Lalym, technical delegate
  • S. Prosvirin, technical delegate
  • I. Melikhov, technical delegate
  • E. Mokeerova, technical delegate
  • M. Tkachenko, technical delegate
Bobsleigh International Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation (IBSF)
  • G. Bagdanov, Vice President Communication
  • A.Ponarin, Medical Committee
  • V. Boytsov, Track Committee
  • S. Zhurkin, Bob Sports Committee
  • E. Popov, Bob Financial Committee
  • D. Chaban, Skeleton Sports Committee
  • E. Anikina, Development Committee
  • G. Glushchenko, Ethics Committee
  • D. Alimov, Skeleton Financial Committee
  • D. Alimov, Skeleton Material Committee
Luge International Luge Federation (FIL)
  • N. Gart, Executive Board member
  • A. Knyr, Naturbahn Technical Commission member
  • D. Kasatkin, Youth Commission
  • A. Ostroumov, Track Construction Commission
  • A. Shahnazarov, Law Committee member
  • G. Rodionov, Russias representative to the Court of Arbitration
  • A. Demchenko, Luge Technical Commission member
Сurling World Curling Federation (WCF)
  • M. Stepanyants, Russia’s representative (voting)
  • O. Andrianova, Russia’s representative (voting)
  • K. Zadornov, Russia’s representative (voting)
  • O. Zharkova, Russia’s representative (voting)
  • O. Zharkova, Competition and Rules Commission member
Ice hockey



International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF)
  • V. Tretyak, Council member
  • V. Tretyak, Athletes Committee Cairman
  • D. Kurbatov, Competition and Coordination Committee member
  • O. Romanenko, Media/Marketing Committee member
  • O. Bratash, Coaching Committee member
  • A. Tochitskiy, Jouth and Junior Development Committee member
  • E. Kozlov, Medical Committee member
  • A. Polyakov, Officiating Committee member
  • O. Votolovskaya, Women’s Committee member
  • V. Kamenskiy, Disciplinary Committee member
  • R. Rotenberg, Governance Reform Group
Ski Sports (Alpine Skiing and Snowboard; Cross-Country Skiing; Ski Jumping and Nordic combined; Freestyle) International Ski Federation (FIS)
  • A. Bokarev, FIS Council member
  • A. Krotov, FIS Marketing Committee member
  • R. Erlikhman, FIS Medical Committee member
  • G. Mnatsakanov, FIS Marketing and Communications Committee member
  • N. Ovchinnikova, FIS Legal and Safety Committee member
  • E. Sedelnikova, member of the FIS Committee on European Affairs
  • E Vyalbe, Cross-Country Skiing Committee member
  • A. Kravtsov, member of the Cross-Country Skiing Sub-Committee for World and Continental Cups
  • G. Kadykov, member of the Sub-Committee for Popular Cross-Country Skiing
  • Yu. Garmash, member of the Sub-Committee for Cross-Country Youth and Children Questions
  • V. Vedenin, member of the Cross-Country Sub-Сommittee for Rules and Control
  • A. Kubeyev, member of the Cross-Country Sub-Committee Roller Skiing
  • D. Dubrovskiy, Nordic Combined Committee member
  • D. Dubrovskiy, Sub-Ccommittee NC for Officials, Rules and Control
  • E. Suboch, member of the Sub-Committee for Youth & Children’s Questions (Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined)
  • N. Bozhko, member of the Sub-Committee for Calendar Planning (Ski Jumping)
  • E. Vashurin, member of the Subcommittee for Equipment and Development (Ski Jumping)
  • Yu. Kalinin, Subcommittee for Rules and Control (Ski Jumping)
  • D. Zezin, member of the Freestyle and Snowboard Conference
  • V. Tsyganov, member of the World Cup Sub-Committee (Alpine Skiing)
  • A. Kurashov, Freestyle and Snowboard Committee member
  • A. Lebedeva, member of the Subcommittee for Youth and Children Questions (Snowboarding and Freestyle)
  • D. Kavunov, member of the Sub-Committee for Rules and Refereeing (Freestyle)
  • A. Orlov, member of the Far East Cup Sub-Committee (Alpine Skiing)
  • Yu. Guryev, member of the Sub-Committee Classification of the Alpine Skiing Committee
  • L. Melnikov, member of the Conference (Alpine Skiing Committee)
  • S. Anisimov, member of the Ski Tracks Sub-Committee – Conference member (Alpine Skiing)
  • L. Zhuravleva, member of the Alpine Youth and Children Sub-Committee
  • A. Popkova, member of the Ladies’ Alpine Sub-Committee
Skating (Speed Skating and Short Track); Figure Skating International Skating Union (ISU)
  • A. Lakernik, Second Vice President (Figure Skating)
  • A. Kibalko, Head of the Speed Skating Technical Committee
  • A. Shekhovtsova, Ice Dancing (Figure Skating) Technical Committee member