New project of the ROC, internet portal

On December 26, 2017 in Russia a joint internet portal of the Team Russia and the ROC TV projects was launched. The presentation, attended by the ROC President Alexander Zhukov, was held at the ROC Innovation Center.

Team Russia is a new ongoing project, designed to unite our best athletes with fans, will give chance to every fan to feel as part of one big team. Its aim is to bring together  Russian society in love for their Country and its heroes, respect for basic values and principles of the Russian nationhood through the promotion of sports and Russian athletes’ achievements.

Aims of the project:

  • to unite all Russian national teams, athletes and their fans under Russian flag;
  • to develop the potential of high performance sport in Russia;
  • to form and promote the unique brand, symbolizing Russian high performance sport, with leading athletes as frontmen.

The ROC TV project is a universal tool to create and support motivation for sports and physical activity, healthy lifestyle, promote olympic and national sports on the territory of the RF, attract maximum people, especially young people, to sports through Olympic values, patriotism,  significance of sports achievements, heroism of outstanding champions and motivation of young athletes.

 Aims of the project:

  • to realize social, sports, education, marketing and business objectives of the Russian Olympic Committee;
  • to concentrate audience attention to the Olympic movement, Olympic sports and Russian athletes on one web site;
  • to create ROC communication digital video platform for different target categories and age groups with no media intermediaries involved;
  • to regularly distribute video content on Olympic subjects on the territory of the RF.

In exclusive video and text materials, posted on the, we will tell about athletes, as extraordinary individuals with strong character, who give up so much for victories in the glory of the country.

The objective of the portal is to promote sport and the Olympic movement via positive examples, involve people of all ages in sports and physical activities, contribute to the consolidation of Russian society through patriotism.