The Olympic brand is under reliable protection

Yesterday in Moscow, in one of the shopping centers on the address of the Russian Olympic Committee law enforcement officers stopped illegal turnover of products bearing the Olympic symbols. The manufacturer of the youth clothes used the image of the Olympic rings and the word ‘Olympic’ in the design of its capsule collection. These elements are registered and protected as intellectual property.

It is known that the Russian Olympic Committee is responsible for  protection of the Olympic symbolics in the territory of the Russian Federation. Therefore, the usage of Olympic symbols in the production/sale of goods or services is possible only if there is a license agreement with the international Olympic Committee or the ROC.

‘One of the key objectives of the ROC in the framework of its own marketing program is to protect the Olympic brand. Only marketing partners of the IOC and the ROC have the exclusive right to use one of the most recognizable brands in the world, which allows them to reach high image and commercial indicators in their activities’, said Dmitry Manevich, Head of the Marketing and Commercial Programs Department of the ROC.