PR in sports management was discussed at the Russian International Olympic University

The Russian International Olympic University has organized an advanced training for specialists in the field of ‘External Communications and PR in Sports Management’. 23 students from 16 regions of Russia took part in the seminars. Among them were journalists and Press Services employees from Saratov, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Kalmykia,  Udmurtia and other regions.

Main topics of the course:

  • PR in social networks: new trends and possibilities;
  • PR in major sports projects;
  • PR campaigns: organization, strategy and assessment of efficiency;
  • Methods of interaction of PR structures with investors, clients and competitors;
  • Main principals of modern PR and strategy planning;
  • Achievement of PR objectives, depending on the project goals: case studies;
  • Press service and interaction with mass media;
  • Public relations in major sports projects administration system;
  • Anti-crisis

Press Secretary of the ROC Konstantin Vybornov and Yekaterina Overko from the Moscow PR agency Ketchum spoke about the main principals and modern instruments to promote sports content in mass media, including digital platforms. Andrey Deyneko, Denis Kosinov and other lecturer shared their experience of working in the field of PR.

In addition, the students were given practical tasks, for example, to think of an advertising campaign to promote sports brands.

Artem Skachkov, Executive Director of the Olympic Council of the Saratov region:

– I would like to thank the RIOU, the ROC and all the lecturers. The regions are often cut off from such possibilities to exchange opinions, which affects not only the Olympic movement in this particular region, but sport in general. It is hard to imagine, that we will have another chance to talk to Konstantin Vybornov, for example. Denis Kosinov, Nikolay Petrosyan, Andrey Deyneko, Alexey Popov and other speakers are real professionals, and which is even more important, they are professionals in actual practice, which makes this course top requested.