Sport for All Commission


Vasin V.A. – Honorary Vice President of the ROC, Advisor to the ROC President.



Executive Secretary

Khamidova N.U. – Head of development of mass sports sector of the ROC Organizational department.

Commission members

Brusov G.P. – First Vice President of the Russian Wrestling Federation, Head of the United World Wrestling (UWW) Commission, member of the UWW Committee for Cooperation with Mass Media, UWW Sport for All Commission member.

Gorokhova G.E. – President of the Russian Athletes’ Union.

Dmitrieva A.L. – Deputy Director of the Department for the Development of Physical Culture and Sport of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation.

Zarutsky A.S.– Director General of the Olympic Council of the Kabardino-Balkaria Republic.

Manevich D.E. – Head of the Marketing and Partner Service Department.

Moiseev A.S. – Head coach of the Modern Pentathlon Federation of Russia.

Motin D.S. – President of the Committee of National and Non-Olympic Sports of Russia (CNNOS).

Serdyukov O.E. – Vice President of the Olympic Council of the Belgorod Region.

Stankevich E.N.– Director General of the Olympic Council of the Kaluga region.

Stepanov I.A.– Head of the Organizational Department of ROC.