Control Review Committee



Bariev M.M. – President of the Olympic Council of the Republic of Tatarstan.


Executive Secretary

Parshikov A.T. – President of the All-Russian Association of the Sports Schools Representatives.


Aleshin G.P. – Representative of the Russian Сlimbing Federation.

Gorokhova G.E. – Chairman of the Russian Union of Athletes.

Gusyatnikov A.M. – Vice-President of the European Cycling Union.

Zhurova S.S. – Vice-President of the Russian Skating Union.

Kadurin V.V. – President of the Olympic Council of the Voronezh Region.

Lipen G.V. – Deputy Secretary General of the Russian Boxing Federation.

Polyaev B.A. – President of the Russian Association for Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation of Sick and Disabled People.

Tsyganov V.N. – Vice-President of the Russian Alpine Ski Federation.

Chumakov V.M. – President of the Olympic Council of the Republic of Mari El.