Athletes’ commission



Velikaya S.A. – Olympic Fencing champion, two-time Olympic silver medalist.


Honorary Chairman

Brusnikina O.A. – Three-time Olympic Synchronized Swimming champion.

Deputy Chairmen

Gamova E.A. – Two-time Silver Olympic medalist in Volleyball.

Zadonskaya L.I. – Master of sports of the international class in Skating.


Yarina M.S. – Head of Event Management Sector of Marketing and Communications Department of Russian Olympic Committee.

Commission members

Isinbayeva Y.G. – Two-time Olympic Athletics champion, Olympic bronze medalist, IOC member.

Romashina S.A. – Five-time Olympic Synchronized Swimming champion.

Mustafina A.F. – Two-time Olympic Gymnastics champion, two-time silver and three-time bronze medalist of the Olympic Games.

Borzakovskiy Y.M. – Olympic Athletics champion.

Maksimova A.I. – Olympic champion in Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Klimov F.A. – Olympic Figure Skating champion, Olympic silver medalist.

Khaibulaev T.K. – Olympic Judo champion.

Myskina A.A. – Winner of the Grand Slam tournament, two-time Fed Cup winner, Tennis.

Strokin A.A. – Five-time Paralympic champion.

Alipov A.A. – Olympic champion in Trap Shooting, Olympic Games bronze medalist.

Moiseyev A.S. – Two-time Olympic Modern Pentathlon champion.