Ethics Commission


Igor Kazikov – Head of the General Directorate for Participation in the Olympic Sporting Events, Doctor of Education, Professor, Honored Worker of Physical Culture

Executive Secretary

N. Korotaev – President of the Humanitarian Programs Development Fund

Commission members

A. Alyoshin – Chairman of the Russian Council of the Spartak Sports Society, bronze medalist of the XXI Olympic Games, Rowing

N. Gulyaev – First Deputy Head of the Moscow Sport Committee, Olympic champion in speed skating

Nikolai Dolgopolov – President of the Federation of Sport Journalists of Russia, member of the Russian Union of Journalists, member of the Interregional Writers’ Union, Vice-President of the International Sports Press Association and a member of the International Fair Play Committee

A. Karpov – World Chess Champion and a State Duma Deputy

V. Kondra – Olympic Volleyball Champion

A. Konokotin – Deputy Minister of Physical Culture, Sports and Youth Affairs of the Moscow region

B. Lagutin – two-time Olympic boxing champion

A. Lazutkin – Hero of Russia, pilot cosmonaut

N. Melnikova – Head of the Department for the Physical Culture, Sports and Olympic Education History, Doctor of Education, Professor, President of the Central Olympic Academy, RGUFK (Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth and Tourism)

B. Mikhailov – two-time Olympic champion in ice hockey

S. Neverkovich – Head of the RGUFK Department, Academician of the Russian Academy of Education, Doctor of Education, Professor

V. Nemshilov – Olympic bronze medalist in swimming

S. Novikov – Olympic judo champion

T. Ovechkin – Olympic basketball champion

B. Polyaev – President of the Russian Association of Sports Medicine of the Academy of Natural Sciences and Russian Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences, Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences

L. Stepanov – Senior Lawyer of the ROC Legal Department

V. Tsyganov – Executive Director of the Russian Alpine Skiing and Snowboard Federation

A. Cherkasov – Vice President of the Russian Ski Association