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    Ethics Commission



    Kiryanov G.Y. – Director General of the International Charity Fund “For the Future of Fencing”.

    Executive Secretary

    Stepanov L.M. – Senior Lawyer of the ROC Legal Department.

    Commission members

    Avdeev Y.V. – President of the Olympic Council of St. Petersburg.

    Dolgopolov N.M. – Vice-President of the International Fair Play Committee, Deputy chief editor of the Rossiyskaya Gazeta newspaper, President of Federation of Sports Journalists of Russia.

    Brusnikina O.A. – Three-time Olympic champion in synchronized swimming.

    Katkov V.Y. – Deputy Head of the Legal Department of the Office of the Council of the Russian Hockey Federation, PhD in Law, Deputy Chairman of the Law Commission of the Russian Bar Association, Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee of RHF.