Commission on Awards



Gorshkov A.G. – President of the Figure Skating Federation of Russia, ROC Executive Committee member.


Yuriev Y.N. – Head of the ROC Organizational Management Department.

Executive Secretary

Zhirkova O.K. – Leading specialist of the ROC Sector for Interaction with the Olympic Councils.

Commission members

Abaev A.M. – President of “Youth of Russia”.

Bukotkin V.B. – President of the Olympic Council of the Moscow Region.

Kadykov A.A. – Head of the Sector for work with elected bodies of ROC.

Kopylov Y.P. – Honorary President of the Russian Baseball Federation, Deputy Head of the ROC Organizational Management Department.

Papush S.P. – President of the Russian Rowing Federation.

Stepanov I.A. – Head of the Organizational Department of ROC.

Uryupin N.N. – Head of the A.V. Tarasov Hockey Department at the Russian State University of Physical Education, Youth and Tourism, Associate Professor, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Head of the Hockey Board of the Russian Hockey Federation.