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    Media Relations Commission (Press Commission)



    Sungorkin V.N. – Director General and Chief Editor of the Komsomolskaya Pravda publishing house.


    Butnev Y.B.– Head of the News Section of the ROC Information Service.

    Commission members

    Vybornov K.Y. – Head of the ROC Information Service, ROC Press Secretary.

    Vaitsekhovskaya E.S. – Sport-Express newspaper Special Correspondent.

    Gerasimov V.A. – Head of the HC CSKA Press Service.

    Demkov M.S.– Member of the Executive Committee of the Russian Sports Journalists’ Federation.

    Dolgopolov N.M.– Vice-President of the International Fair Play Committee, Deputy chief editor of the Rossiyskaya Gazeta newspaper, President of Federation of Sports Journalists of Russia.

    Kiknadze V.A. – Director General of the New Project LLC.

    Kirilovsky D.Y. – Editor-in-chief of the sports editorial staff of the Interfax news agency.

    Konov V.A. – Chief Editor of the R-Sport sports news agency.

    Maksimov M.A. – Editor-in-chief of the newspaper Sport-Express.

    Pavlov A.M. – Deputy Head of the Russian President’s Department of Press Service.

    Popov A.V.– Press Attaché of the Modern Pentathlon Federation of Russia.

    Tugarin D.O.– Director General of the CROS-Sport Public Relations Development Company.

    Sharafutdinov R.R. – Deputy head of the sports information editorial office of the TASS News Service.

    Yaremenko N.N.– Chief Editor of the Soviet Sport newspaper.