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    Media Relations Commission (Press Commission)



    Sungorkin V.N. – Director General and Chief Editor of the Komsomolskaya Pravda publishing house.


    Butnev Y.B.– Head of the News Section of the ROC Information Service.

    Commission members

    Vybornov K.Y. – Head of the ROC Information Service, ROC Press Secretary.

    Vaitsekhovskaya E.S. – Sport-Express newspaper Special Correspondent.

    Gerasimov V.A. – Head of the HC CSKA Press Service.

    Demkov M.S.– Member of the Executive Committee of the Russian Sports Journalists’ Federation.

    Dolgopolov N.M.– Deputy Chief Editor of the Rossiyskaya Gazeta newspaper, President of the Russian Sports Journalists Federation.

    Kiknadze V.A. – Director General of the New Project LLC.

    Kirilovsky D.Y. – Editor-in-chief of the sports editorial staff of the Interfax news agency.

    Konov V.A. – Chief Editor of the R-Sport sports news agency.

    Maksimov M.A. – Editor-in-chief of the newspaper Sport-Express.

    Pavlov A.M. – Deputy Head of the Russian President’s Department of Press Service.

    Popov A.V.– Press Attaché of the Modern Pentathlon Federation of Russia.

    Tugarin D.O.– Director General of the CROS-Sport Public Relations Development Company.

    Sharafutdinov R.R. – Deputy head of the sports information editorial office of the TASS News Service.

    Yaremenko N.N.– Chief Editor of the Soviet Sport newspaper.